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(Gozaresh-e Maryam)

2006-2013  Banned





Niloofar Mohebbi in the Maryam's Report 




Dr. Parsa for opening a specialized hospital along with his daughter was departing to khoramshahr in south of  Iran.

There is a wrathful silence between them. She finds a diary, belonging to a girl as her peer and her name is Maryam that 25 years ago she has started the diary at the same days. The time is starting of war between Iran and Iraq!

Maryam's adolescent happiness and suddenly beginning of war and the girls' pointing to a love that feel about a young intern man encourage Bahar to read the diary and Bahar thinks he can be his father...




Director & Producer: Esmael Barari

Script Writer: Mohammad Rezaii Rad

Director of Photography: Hasan Gholizadeh

Photographer of War sequence: Ghasem Bakhshi

Sound man: Asqar Abgoon , Amir Ebrahimzadeh

Sound design & Mix: Mehi Darabi

Editor:Ebrahim Keyhani , Esmael Barari

Make Up: Mahdieh A'rabi , Rahim Mehdikhani

Composer: Bita Beheshtian, Coke Riobo (Studio Jazzy, Madrid, Spain)

Executive Producer: Mir-vali Madani , Ahmad Memarpour

Special Effect: Asqar Pourhajarian

Visual Effect: Hadi Jamshidi












Esmael Barari, Director (Right) on set up of MARYAM'S REPORT



Faramarz Gharibian , Niloofar Moheb'bi , Leila Boushehri

Reza Fay'azi , Ali Reza Osivand , Atieh Qobeyshavi , Sadra Hejazi

Maryam Berenjani , Farkhondeh Zahedi , Yousof Zaqurzadeh , Ali Qobeyshavi & Farid Lotf'avar


35mm, Color/Black&White, 110min

World Iranian Film Center




Alireza Osivand in Maryam's Report





Faramarz Gharibianright Niloofar Mohebbi and a local tilor left in Maryams Report
















Faramarz Gharibian(Right), Niloofar Mohebbi, and a local tilor (Left) in Maryam's Report





Niloofar Mohebbi & Ali Ghobeyshavi in Maryam's Report





Esmael Barari and Ghasem Bakh'shi



















Esmael Barari, director and Ghasem Bakh'shi, Photographer of War sequence on set up of Maryam'sReport





Leila Boushehri in Maryams Report



















Leila Boushehri in Maryams Report






Niloufar Mohebbi in Maryam's Report



















Niloufar Mohebbi in

Maryam's Report




News: Finally after six years, the movie “Maryam’s Report” has disbanded