“Day of Rain” can be worldwide hit: director

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“Day of Rain” can be worldwide hit: director
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TEHRAN, June 23 (MNA) -- Iranian director Esmaeil Barari believes that his movie “Day of Rain” will appeal to a world audience.


“The film can attract many viewers and I am planning for its world screening,” he told Mehr News Agency on Friday.


“However I am surprised its sponsor, Iranian television, shows no reaction to my proposal that it should be screened in cinema halls. They are uninterested in the scheme and will not discuss the issue,” he added.

Barari underlines that although the film has a video-form structure it was made for silver screens, “I wanted to make the film in 35mm format, but it was impossible at that time.”

Written by Mohammad-Saeid Bahmanpur, and revised by Hamed Rezaii-Rad, “Day of the Rain” is produced by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) channel 2.

The story is set in a village in a desert where there has been no rainfall for a long time. The drought is becoming extreme and the villagers are desperate, so they decide to hold group “rain prayers”. However two orphans are living in a house with a broken roof, and they are not praying for rain.

Born in 1965 in Bandar Anzali, Esmaeil Barari graduated as a film director. In 1988, his short film "Reaction" won top prize at the Students’ Film Festival of Tehran and the Silver Plaque at the 1989 Nations’ Festival of Austria.

His credits include “City in the Hands of Children”, “The Green Hell”, “The Devil’s Dance”, “The Nest”, and “Dead Heat under the Shrubs”.




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