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Esmael Barari to withdraw from the project "Vortex" [Gerdab]
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Ali is an Iraqi Shia who is in love with a Sunni girl from another nomad village whose name is Salimeh. He takes a risk and goes to Slimeh's father, Majed. But Fahad, Salimeh's cousin and a breakaway old Ba'athi soldier, wants to marry with her according to their village law. Meanwhile somebody kills Majed secretly and Fahad claims that the killer is Ali; and this is the beginning of their villages' war…







Vortex [Gerdab]



  • First Assistant Director: Bahareh Lellahi

Second assistant Dir.: Ali Golbaharan, Ghasem Jamili
Script Girl: Afsaneh Sheykhi

  • Screen Play: Alireza Es'haghi

Script and Dialogues: Ali Golbaharan

  • Director of Photography: Anousha Javaheripour

First assistant of cinematography: Ali Munesan

  • Sound man: Jafar Khosh'khoo

Assistant: Ahmad Tahami

  • Make Up disigner : Azar Rafi'ii

Make Up: Masoud Raiis-ol-sadati, Farnaz Pour Shahbaz, Sadjad Azarnia, Afsaneh Hashemi

  • Special Effect: Mostafa Rastegar
  • Producer: Al-Kawthar TV

Executive Producer: Shahrokh Keyvannia

Production managers: Mohamad Yousof'zadegan, Ahmad Me'marpour


Payam Inalouii, Vahideh Sharifi, Abd-ol-halim Taghlabi, Payam Manouchehri,
Adnan Poursharif, Razzagh Radan, Ghasem Ghoreyfi, Seyed Abbas Saeidavi, Yousof Zaqourzadeh, Soudabeh Alipour, Hossein Pourideh, Mansour Navaseri, Farshad Karami, Soheil Manouchehri, Madloul Savari 

IRAN, Color, 90min , 2010 , DVCAM