Esmael Barari to withdraw from the project "Vortex" [Gerdab]

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Esmael Barari to withdraw from the project "Vortex" [Gerdab]
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Fars News Agency: "Esmael Barari", referring that editing of his film "Vortex" without coordinating with him by someone else has started, said: Due to disputes with the Alkawthar TV, I withdrew my name from the project.


Esmael Barari in an interview with radio and television reporter of Fars News Agency tells about his Tele-Film status "Vortex " : I had two films in preparation and pre-production stage  but due to the construction of the Tele-Film "Vortex" I had to abandon them, but I  wish I  had never done this for the Overseas Dept. of IRIB.

He added: "Unfortunately I made " vortex "with a part of television that is famous for obstructing the work, but I thought despite the mismanagement of the Alkawthar TV, we were able to reach to a good  point and get beyond the existing standards on TV, but they still insist on making the work incomplete and do not follow the principles of professional filmmaking.

The Director noted in the continue: Of course the strange point to me is that Alkawthar TV  has worked with great directors in recent years and I thought we can conduct such a complex work like "vortex" , but after finishing the shooting, they assigned an inexperienced editor to edit my film! So I withdrew the project and wanted them not to use my name in the title of the film!

He continued: Our work environment was very difficult but with the efforts and love to work of the team, we finished shooting. But we saw with surprise that they treated with this film like C & D TV programs.
Former director of "vortex" added: The strange & also funny thing here was that when I protested to the Alkawthar TV, they supported giving the film to an amateur editor.

Barari pointed out that the production crew of "vortex" were professional and said: While the producer worked with a professional team & spend more than their standards on the project -and this was the main reason for to cooperate with them- but I do not know why they changed their approach.
Barari at the end said: "Finally by my withdrawal from the project, I asked not to use my name with this film.

Translated by: Farid






Ali is an Iraqi Shia who is in love with a Sunni girl from another nomad village whose name is Salimeh. He takes a risk and goes to Slimeh's father, Majed. But Fahad, Salimeh's cousin and a breakaway old Ba'athi soldier, wants to marry with her according to their village law. Meanwhile somebody kills Majed secretly and Fahad claims that the killer is Ali; and this is the beginning of their villages' war…







Vortex [Gerdab]



  • First Assistant Director: Bahareh Lellahi

Second assistant Dir.: Ali Golbaharan, Ghasem Jamili
Script Girl: Afsaneh Sheykhi

  • Screen Play: Alireza Es'haghi

Script and Dialogues: Ali Golbaharan

  • Director of Photography: Anousha Javaheripour

First assistant of cinematography: Ali Munesan

  • Sound man: Jafar Khosh'khoo

Assistant: Ahmad Tahami

  • Make Up disigner : Azar Rafi'ii

Make Up: Masoud Raiis-ol-sadati, Farnaz Pour Shahbaz, Sadjad Azarnia, Afsaneh Hashemi

  • Special Effect: Mostafa Rastegar
  • Producer: Al-Kawthar TV

Executive Producer: Shahrokh Keyvannia

Production managers: Mohamad Yousof'zadegan, Ahmad Me'marpour


Payam Inalouii, Vahideh Sharifi, Abd-ol-halim Taghlabi, Payam Manouchehri,
Adnan Poursharif, Razzagh Radan, Ghasem Ghoreyfi, Seyed Abbas Saeidavi, Yousof Zaqourzadeh, Soudabeh Alipour, Hossein Pourideh, Mansour Navaseri, Farshad Karami, Soheil Manouchehri, Madloul Savari 

IRAN, Color, 90min , 2010 , DVCAM