For My Son [Delbakhteh]

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For My Son [Delbakhteh]
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Documentary, Human Right




(Für meinen Son)

(Pour mon fils)



Director: Esmael Barari

Screenwriter: Esmael Barari

Camera: Anousha Javaheripour 

Sound: Asqar Abgoon 

Editing: Hamed Bakhshi 

Cast: Habib o-llah Qolami and with presence of local people 

Producer: Esmael Barari, Iranian Red Crescent Society

Sales: World Iranian Film Center

DVCAM, 30mins, Color and B&w



The most far spot of Iran desert.

"Habib o-llah Qolami", a poor and old farmer looses his young son in a car accident. Habib after his son's death takes a big decision. He spends all his has for making a medical help station in the road and gifts it to Red Crescent. From now no one dies of car accident...





Haj Habib-ollah Gholami on set up of For My Son



The director, Esmael Barari (right) & Anousha Javaheripour (Cameraman) on set up of For My Son