Sky Center [Markaz-e Aseman]

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The word "Sky Center" is derived from "Morteza Avini " scripts.

Since 1400 years, "Shia Muslims" the world over, mourn the anniversary date of the martyrdom of Hussein, great son of the holy Islam prophet "Muhammad".
Each city celebrates this ceremony in its own distinctive way. Different regions reflect in their mourning celebrations, their own regional folk.
This time, we decided to picture the mourning ceremony in a place where its people are lost!!
This means they are no longer among us! They are martyrs of the war waged by Iraq against Iran.
This led us to one of the last battlefields named "FAKKEH".
An area full of strange energies and a mysterious environment...

Director: Esmael Barari
Cast: Mohammad Reza Aghasi (Passed away)
Camera: Yousof Saberi
Sound: Parviz Ramazani
Photography: Vahid Faraji
Edit: Hossein Tehrani, Mehdi Safari
Producer: Asqar Bakhtyari

6 Episodes, Each episode: 30min, 180 mins, DVCAM, 2004
A production of Ravayat-e Fat'h Ins.