Finally after six years, the movie “Maryam’s Report” has disbanded

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 Esmael Barari, director and Ghasem Bakh'shi, Photographer of War sequence on set up of Maryam'sReport


(July/6/2005) While the production group of Maryam's Report had filmed the 90% of the movie in the 50 C degrees climate of cities like Abadan, Khoramshahr, and Arvand River in south of Iran, Farabi Cinema Foundation which controls movie production in Iran, for some unknown reason stopped the production and called back all the crew to Tehran. Then the long period of wearing and vain discussions started.

But Esmael Barari, producer and director of the film, whose latest film "Dead Heat under the Shrubs“ despite of attendance in many international film festivals hasn’t been allowed to show in Iran, did not yield and edited the movie, together with Ebrahim Keyhani.

As well, Coke Riobo worked on composing the music of the film in Madrid, and concurrently some parts of sound recording was developed by Hossein Mahdavi in Tehran.

This disbanding of the movie which never announced formally in Media eventually ended after six years of struggle and by replacement of the head of the Farabi Cinema Foundation. Barari celebrated this victory by the reshooting the final scenes of the film by Ghasem Bakhshi who is one of the cameramen of the famous "Ravayat-e Fat'h" documentary series about Iran-Iraq War.

Now, Bita Beheshtian completes the composing the original scores and Mahdi Darabi continues sound recording. Besides, Hadi jamshidi starts to produce the visual effects of the war scenes. They anticipate presenting the movie by the end of the year.


According to the reports, Faramarz Gharibian, Niloufar Mohebi, Alireza Osivand, Leila Boushehri, Reza Fayyazi, Atiye Ghobeishawi, Sadra Hejazi, Yousof Zaghour zade, Ali Ghobeishawi and Farid Lotf avar play the roles in this movie.